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Old guy Fucks his Neighbors Teen Daughter

October 21st, 2010

Neighbors are Hit and Miss.  I have had bad Neighbors,  I have had Good Neighbors.  But the best Neighbors are the ones with hot Promiscuous Teen Daughters.  I had this one with two smoking hot twins in a condo I used to live at.  You would come home from work to be greeted by these to in micro bikini’s sunning themselves in the front being ogled at by a bunch of old men that also just arrived home from work.  It was indeed a show. 

Unfortunately I never fucked any of them.  I makes things rather awkward at the yearly block party.  But I did have a buddy of mine who used to bang the hell out of the neighbors teen daughter.  I don’t think the father was aware (He as actually younger than my buddy).  If he was I am sure there would be gunfire on the street.  The interesting thing is the young bitch came on to him.  Hell she was even fucking him behind a couple of boyfriends back.  Damn Talk about lucky!

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Old man Gives a Young Girl Dessert

October 14th, 2010

If there has been anything I have learned in my years of being a perverted old man is the girls love their sweets.  Back when I was stationed overseas,  I once had to cover my dick in powdered sugar to get a hot little 18 year old Korea girl to suck my cock.  I will not say it was an unpleasant experience but being a rather inexperienced teen she didn’t suck it very well and it was quite sticky. 

But I digress.  A way my old friends into the pants (or skirt) is either though money or sweets.  Of course you can’t be chasing every hot little teen around shouting “YOU WANT SOME ICE CREAM LITTLE GIRL”.  Unless of course you want the authorities coming to put your old ass in a home regardless if she is of age.  (Remember folks lets stick to legal teens). 

It is of course not as easy as they show here.  Its too bad we can’t bed young hot sluts with the promise of a bit of cake and a big dick.  but then again that’s what this new fangled internet is for isn’t it. 

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Schoolgirl Fucks for Grades

September 23rd, 2010

You gotta love teachers.  They constantly whine about getting underpaid when the fact is they work 6 hours a day and 180 days a year while the rest of us,  (well you,  since I am comfortably retired) work 245+ 10 hour days.  On top of all that you can fuck your hot teen students! 

Its not like anyone is checking grades or anything.  It used to be if a hot schoolgirl was failing then she had another option.  Sucking your old dick!  HA ! If that isn’t a professional benefit I don’t know what is.  Didn’t you always wonder why girls did better in class? 

Nowadays everyone seems to be terrified of old men fucking their young teen daughters.  Why is it illegal for a old man to fuck a hot 18 year old High school senior yet a month later its perfectly ok for a old professor to get his dick sucked by the same 18 year old?  it makes no sense!  I mean these ARE teachers of course.  How the hell is the young bitch ever going to learn how to suck a good dick? 

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Tricky old Teacher

Teen Gets Fucked by An Old Bald Guy

September 15th, 2010

So I got my Social Security check the other day and I decided to go down and see what kind of Teen Pussy my friend Chico had in store.  Now Chico is of course a pimp,  but a pretty good one.  He keeps his girls clean and in line and makes sure a customer is always satisfied.  It also help that I own the building he is in, But I digress.

So I perused the little sluts he had available for fucking and finally selected a nice young brunette about 18 years old who looks remarkable like the Teen Slut getting Fucked by this Old Guy.  She was a nervous little thing that came to the big city to hit it big and of course like all these halfwit country girls end up either going home to make babies with Jimmy Joe Bob or of course get slammed by us old guys for a tidy sum of money. 

I will say this girl could suck a dick like you would not believe.  Pretty good considering most Teen Girls couldn’t give a blowjob if their life depended on it.  For blowjobs you need practice,  and apparently she had quite a bit.  Of course she wasn’t too pleased when I stuck it in her ass without telling her,  but then just smacked her with my cane and told her to lie there and take it.  HA,  them young bitches will get some learnin from these old men. 

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Grandpas Fucks Teens

Young Blonde Gets Fucked By a Fat Old Man

September 9th, 2010

Lets face it, Young Sluts (no matter how slutty) typically don’t like to fuck old men.  That’s why one has to have alot of money!   But us Old Men do of course need to have Sex once and a while.  Sure it may be only twice a year but hey,  it takes us 5 months to get it up! 

Personally I think there should be Sex Social Security.  Each Old Guy gets an allotment of a couple of 18-21 year old girls to fuck each year.  Hey all these kids now days have to perform some sort of community Service to graduate.  I would definitely consider sitting on my old shriveled dick a community service!

Now they probably won’t like it,  at least at first.  Most likely they will have the same look on their face as this Young Slut when she finds out she is going to be fucked by this Old Guy.  But once she gets over the initial shock of this then most of these Young Girls realize that we Old Folk can really Fuck.

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Senior Fucks a Teen in a Hot tub

September 3rd, 2010

I must admit I love hot tubs.  But I need one of those metal rails around it so I don’t fall down.  As silly as it may look its great for holding on to when you are fucking a teen slut from behind.  It gives you leverage!  Now like most Young Ladies this one is not to keen on Fucking an Old Guy.  But that is of course ok!  Its one of the challenges for Old on Young Sex!  She is of course a female and with enough money and charm she can be gotten to do anything as illustrated here. 

Besides if she didn’t want to get fucked by an old guy why the hell did she get into the hot tub with him in the first place!  Jeez bitches are stupid.  I would just crumple up my social security check and throw it at the silly girl! 

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Beauty and the Senior

Pigtailed Teen Gets Fucked in the Ass By an Old Man

August 26th, 2010

The one thing I love about fucking young sluts is that more often than not,  they haven’t had any dicks in their ass.  I say what a waste!  A perfectly good hole never fucked?  What are these youngin’s thinking!  Now sometimes if I know one of the new sweet things down at the local whore house is a anal virgin (Carlos keeps me informed).  When I am pounding them from behind with my Old Man Dick, I grab hold of them real firm like and shove it in their ass. 

God do they let out a howl.  Carlos thinks it hysterical,  hey someone’s gotta do it.  You can’t have a hooker that won’t take it up the ass after all!  Besides I am paying them so fuck’em if they don’t like it.  (and they don’t) . 

Now if they have pigtails then all the better since the name of the game when fucking a Teen Anal Virgin is leverage.  Since its quite a surprise to them that this Old Man is pounding their Teen Ass its best to have a firm grip and with pigtails you can ride the squirming bitch like a bucking bronco.  My buddies down at the bingo parlor think its hysterical. 

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