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Teen Gets Fucked for walking on my Lawn

December 3rd, 2009

I hate when kids get on my lawn. Its a LAWN its not for walking on damnit!  That’s what sidewalks are for.  In fact anyone under the age of 50 should be rounded up and kept away from us normal people.  Damn kids with their new fangled ideas and driving too fast.  What the hell is LOL anyway. My niece said that to me the other day and I had no friggen idea what she was talking about.  If it wasn’t for the fact her 19 year old friend was about as hot as this teen getting dick from someone who knows how to give dick, I would have hit her with my cane. 

Did I tell you about my cane?  I bought it myself and I quite like it.  Fine rosewood,  they tried to give me one of those retarded hospital ones in the home but I kept hitting the doctors with it.  Finally they gave me back mine, which I use to lift up hot girls skirts when they are too short. 

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  1. Leecey says:

    Mmm maybe I should walk on your lawn ;) . I wnt ur dick in my tight lil pussy making me scream for more.
    How young wud u do ;)

  2. Leecey says:

    This naughty lil slut needs to b fucked ;)

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