Teens Fucked By Old Men

Old Men Fuck Young Girls and Throw them Off their Lawn

Trailer Trash Teen Fucked by a Old City Boy

July 21st, 2010

When young girls come to the city in which I live,  They come of course for fame and fortune.  Unfortunately for them,  most of them aren’t that talented or smart.  But they are hot., and us old guys have quite a bit of money to spend on them. 

So when a hot 19 year old finds herself sucking a old man’s dick they may ask themselves “how in the world did I get here” .  Well the answer is, its the natural way of things.  As men get older we of course amass more wealth which we then use to tempt young hotties to suck our dicks and fuck us when they normally would run away creeped out!  Isn’t life grand! 

Now the ones that come from the country aren’t of course all that smart.  But with a bit of wineing and dining at not so expensive places (hey its easy to impress these bitches) soon you will have those young hot bodies sucking your old crinkled member and have them on all fours fucking them like a dog.  Only to be treated to an Old Man’s load on her face

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Grandpas Fuck Teens

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