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August 4th, 2010

The greatest thing about teaching in a girls school when I was younger are the things that girls will do not to get an F.  Hell I used to fail them for the fuck of it to see if they would suck on my old dick  You know what?  Most of them would.  HAH.  Its not like they needed to learn anything anyway,  they are bitches.  they are going to get married and have babies while their man works!  You might as well teach them how to fuck when they are in school! 

Besides who is to say in a subject like math if the girl is failing she doesn’t deserve an A if she Fucks an Old Man?  There is plenty of math in sex!  Angles, circumference, Hey if the dick won’t fit in the young slut’s mouth then what good is it.  Its not like Old Men can do acrobatics here! 

In fact I would argue that if a girl wants an A that bad to offer to Fuck an Old Man like me,  Hell that is one ambitious girl!  She is going to go far in life.  Besides there are lots of Old Men in Business who would pay an intern quite well to Fuck their Young Pussy. 

From Tricky Old Teacher
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